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Two years ago I began working with an elite musician: former Professor at the Royal College of Music, solo recitalist and veteran performer on Academy Award-winning films.  What does this have to do with running a Family Office?  An interesting question.

Years of stress in the high-pressure music industry led my associate to use a method of promoting integration of the brain that she has since further developed.  

Her work has been studied and acclaimed by academics in journals such as Cambridge University’s British Journal of Music Education.  Her list of current and former clients includes members of elite institutions such as England Rugby, the Football Association, Close Brothers Asset Management, Harvard University and Princeton University.  

Left Brain - Right Brain

Top-level performance in any profession, but most certainly music, requires integration of the left and right parts of the brain.  The left side of the brain (controlling logic, detail, analysis, etc.) and the right side of the brain (responsible for creativity, imagination and big picture thinking, etc.) must be balanced and working in tandem to maximise performance. 

Countless studies have shown, however, that under stress we tend to favour one hemisphere to the detriment of the other.  Public speaking is a classic example: how many of us have found ourselves trying to respond lucidly to an audience question, but getting bogged down in irrelevant detail or rambling on about some vague overall point?  

I have seen it work

I have referred numerous of my clients to her for a broad range of matters from dyslexia, learning techniques, stage fright, pre-speech routines, strategies to deal with difficult people, to the next generation who are completely stuck going forward with their lives. All with extraordinary results.

Nurturing the family’s human capital

In an increasingly competitive and uncertain investment market, Families and Family Offices must take advantage of all opportunities to growth wealth optimally and ensure the future success of the family members.  These include strategies for identifying and nurturing the family’s human capital, creating emotional ownership for family members and preparing the next generation for the family business or entrepreneurial success.  Optimal performance, strategic planning and innovative thinking are essential to achieving these objectives and secure long-term growth.  

As Nathan Rothschild observed: “It requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune: and when you have got it, it requires ten times more wit to keep it.”

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