So many articles are published about Millennials - most of them somewhat negative. It almost seems as if the older generation of Gen X and Baby Boomers see them as a threat. Fear not, some of them lack some of the fundamental building blocks for success.

There is no doubt a greater level of sophistication in the younger generation, partly helped by the availability of knowledge compared to previous generations. That knowledge is at their fingertips, due to action known as 'just Google it'. Sorry Apple, we have not all bought into 'just Siri it' yet. (I do not know what the Samsung answer to life is.) But knowledge alone is not everything.

How many of us (the older generation) actually opened and read our equivalent of Google when we were younger in the shape of the 'Encyclopaedia" or for those in the UK, the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The full set of books sat on the shelf looking beautiful and occasionally opened to settle a family argument over a Sunday lunch or used to wedge open the door. Imagine if we had to read through all of them now, or even read them as often as we enter a search request into Google's search bar. So I think we can all agree that the young are slightly more sophisticated partly because they have greater access to knowledge and information than the previous generations.

What many of the millennials lack and sadly it does not come from gaming or watching countless films on Netflix are 'skills', unless of course, they want to become a full-time gamer or film reviewer. Success in life is made up of a number of factors. The first one is SKILLS. 

Skills cannot be bought from the Amazon website. Millennials need to get the relevant skills for their job and also the basic life skills if they want to be successful. That might mean going on a course or courses to obtain it.

Next what a Millennial needs is EXPERIENCE. Experience comes from using the previously obtained skills and applying them. Too many of their experiences are flying around in private jets, going on lovely skiing holidays and partying hard in various night clubs. Real life experiences need to be gained.

During the experiences stage, 'perseverance of EFFORT' is required. Perseverance is about effort and hard work. The Millennial will need to 'roll their sleeves up' and get stuck in. To maintain that perseverance of effort, they will need a 'consistency of effort'. This latter effort is the passion. They need to be passionate about what they do, or the effort will stop or drop off.

Finally, they need a little bit of LUCK. That will come if all the other parts are in place. Uber, Facebook, Apple, Google and Airbnb - the 21st-century current successes did not without skills, experience, effort and a little bit of luck.

So when the entitled Millennial demands to be fast-track promoted to the top of the company and threatens to leave if they do not get it, be it at their peril. They might well be missing some of the critical building blocks required to stay up there - Skills, Experience, Effort and a little bit of Luck. So do not get bullied, controlled or persuaded by any narcissistic behaviour of a millennial. The critical building blocks of success for the millennials, as mentioned above, are no different to the building blocks of the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Without those key blocks, an over-promoted millennial will not be able to sustain their position for long.