After a week in Montana, not only will you have had a unique lifetime experience in the stunning wilderness surrounding Flathead Lake near the Glacier National Park, but you will feel more confident, more empowered and better equipped to deal with the challenges you come across on a daily basis.


Dates: Sunday 8th October - Saturday 14th October 2017

You will have a fun, exciting, full-on adventure throughout your stay, which will include riding, kayaking, hiking and climbing. In the evenings, you will have some quality relaxation time surrounded by all the creature comforts. During the course of your visit, our expert team will teach you a range of new life skills and invaluable coping strategies.

After this week of adventure and experiences with Peak Dynamics you’ll leave Montana:

  • More empowered and confident in your own abilities
  • Better able to make good decisions
  • With a better understanding of behaviour
  • Communicating more effectively
  • With improved self-reliance
  • Better able to resolve conflicts
  • With new strategies to overcome challenges
  • Healthier after our Nutrition and Wellness session
  • More courageous
  • An effective and caring leader

Our Montana programme is suitable for any female aged between 18-65 years. You will need to be relatively fit to carry out the activities, but we would emphasise that this is not some sort of boot camp. The aim is to have fun, to learn something new and to build confidence in yourself. Above all, we want you to have an amazing experience.